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GamesMaster × SpecialEffect Joystick


Celebrate the very special and entirely arbitrary 31st anniversary of TV’s greatest videogames show with a remastered replica of GamesMaster’s ultimate prize. This exclusive, remastered edition of the sought-after GamesMaster gaming trophy – available in a limited run of just 15 – has been lovingly electroplated in a luxurious gold finish and enshrined in an all-new etched display case featuring the iconic GamesMaster logo and an individualised edition number.

Shipping for this item is restricted to UK addresses only. Due to each joystick being individually sourced, treated and electroplated, each version will be slightly different and may contain small imperfections.

Additional Information

140 × 175 × 210 mm

Electroplated gold finish
Etched display case
Individually numbered


100% of the profit from every joystick will go directly to SpecialEffect, the gaming charity putting the fun and inclusion back into the lives of physically disabled people by helping them to play videogames.