• ‘As entertaining to read as
    it is well designed, Sensible Software 1986—1999 is a rare kind of videogame-related publication: a book rich with substance as well as style.’
    —Den of Geek

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  • An exhaustive retrospective cataloguing every single game – from sprites and level maps to hand-drawn plans and previously unseen artwork, all plucked from the Sensible archives.

  • Written by renowned games journalist Gary Penn, the book tells complete Sensible story, comprising anecdotes and first-hand interviews with legendary developers, industry bods and games writers.

  • Find out how Read-Only Memory began and see more of the book in our animated Kickstarter campaign video starring
    Jon Hare.

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Produced together with Sensible Software founder Jon Hare, Sensible Software 1986—1999 is the ultimate retrospective of the British software house behind some of the most groundbreaking and fondly-remembered games ever produced, including Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Mega lo Mania and Wizball.

The book chronicles the rise of Sensible – from its C64 beginnings making games such as Parallax, Microprose Soccer and Wizball, to its million-copy-selling Amiga heyday in the early ‘90s. The narrative – guided by games industry luminary Gary Penn – tells the Sensible story through interviews and anecdotes from the team, legendary developers, industry bods and our pick of the games journalists who saw Sensible rise to world stardom, first hand.

This is paired with an exhaustive visual tour celebrating the company's idiosyncratic style: sprites, game maps, typefaces and box art, all beautifully reproduced. We also dig around in the Sensible vaults to uncover a bounty of never-before-seen archival material including design documents and hand-drawn plans that show the first inklings of Sensible’s most famous games.


‘Praise the heavens; Sensible Software 1986—1999 is a ruddy triumph.’
—It’s Nice That

‘A brilliant read from start to finish ... It’s not just a videogame history lesson, it’s a glimpse into the lives of the people behind the games that so many of us have grown up with.’
—The Average Gamer

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